Kenworth T680 Vs. Peterbilt 579: Find out which one is best?

Do you know about the Kenworth T680 which is widely acclaimed as a highly evolved aerodynamic long-haul tractor? The Peterbilt 579, on the other hand, is a truck that is technologically sharper and has visibility ahead of its competitors.

You may already know a lot about the two trucks but in this article, I will present some information that will help you in choosing the right truck for you.

Kenworth T680 Vs. Peterbilt 579: Introduction

A well-known brand in the North American trucking sector, Kenworth produces the flagship heavy-duty Class 8 vehicle, the T680.

Among the heavy-duty Class 8 vehicle lineup, the Peterbilt 579 is a signature model produced by the prestigious American truck manufacturer, Peterbilt Motors Company, a part of PACCAR. Known for its brash and unique external style, the 579 maximizes fuel economy and performance in general by combining aerodynamics and aesthetics.

Kenworth T680 Vs. Peterbilt 579: Comparison Chart

FeaturesKenworth T680Peterbilt 579
Exterior DesignStreamlined, aerodynamic design for enhanced fuel efficiencyDistinctive bold design withemphasis on aerodynamics
Interior ComfortSpacious, driver-centric cabin with advanced technologyComfortable cabin with ergonomic controls and amenities
Fuel EfficiencyEmphasis on fuel economy with advanced engine technologiesPrioritizes fuel efficiency, often equipped with the latest engine tech
ManufacturerManufactured by Kenworth, a division of PACCARManufactured by Peterbilt, adivision of PACCAR
Customization OptionsHighly customizable to meetspecific application needsOffers customization for varied industry requirements
Technology IntegrationAdvanced telematics, predictive cruise control, and moreIncorporates modern technology and driver assistance systems
Market PopularityWidely used and trusted in the trucking industryA popular choice for long-haul applications, known for reliability and innovation

Key differences between Kenworth T680 Vs. Peterbilt 579

Exterior Design

The T680 is renowned for its streamlined, contemporary external design that combines style and utility. Not only does its sleek look capture the eye, but it also helps with fuel economy.

The exterior of the 579 is renowned for being bold and unique. It sets itself apart from other vehicles in its class with a striking on-road appearance courtesy of its distinctive grille design and general attractiveness.

Interior Comfort

The T680’s roomy and elegant cabin puts the enjoyment of the driver first. For a pleasant driving session, it often has ergonomic controls, cutting-edge technology, and noise suppression.

In the same vein, the 579 prioritizes driver satisfaction. Its interior is capacious and equipped with cutting-edge multimedia systems and ergonomic buttons.

Fuel Efficiency

The T680 is well-known for its aerodynamic design, which includes retractable fairings and a sloping hood to decrease drag. It often has remarkable fuel economy figures, with studies indicating a possible 5–10% increase in fuel efficiency over earlier versions.

Aerodynamics is also prioritized in the 579, which boasts an eye-catching grille and several aerodynamic features. It has the same emphasis on fuel efficiency as the T680, with research suggesting that it might achieve a 7–10% increase in fuel economy over previous versions.

Customization Options

Due to the T680’s extensive level of customization, truck owners may set up characteristics to meet their own demands as well as those of the trucking sector.

Additionally, the 579 has customization choices, giving it adaptability for a range of applications and user requirements.

Market Popularity

Kenworth trucks are well known for their dependability and performance, and the T680 is no exception. In the trucking sector, the T680 has grown in reputation and is often chosen for long-haul applications.

The market reputation is high for Peterbilt trucks, which are renowned for their innovative design and sturdy construction. In particular, the 579 is well-liked for long-distance trucking because of its cutting-edge features and dependability.

Which is better in terms of design and comfort Kenworth t680 and Peterbilt 579?

It’s hard to choose between the design and comfort of the Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth T680. Both trucks have well-designed, roomy cabins with cutting-edge technologies that put the comfort of the driver first. Selecting between them often comes down to personal taste, because both models combine practicality and style in their designs.

Which is more important in terms of fuel efficiency?

Fuel economy is a priority for both the Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth T680, with individual performance varying according to arrangement and road surface. But overall Kenworth t680 is slightly ahead.

Which will be ahead in long-haul applications?

The Peterbilt 579 will be slightly ahead of the Kenworth t680 in this regard.


Fuel economy is a top priority for both the Peterbilt 579 and the Kenworth T680, giving them a competitive edge in the robust truck market.

The model that best fits an operator’s demands for long-haul conservation and fuel economy will be chosen after a thorough evaluation of the most recent specifications, comparable evaluations, and consideration of design, comfort, and overall reliability.

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